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An LAUL or LAUX can also be used as a field Line Tester. An LAUX can be used as an acquisition and test unit in the TMS408 test system. 5 V). It is equipped with two power input connectors that allow battery replacement without causing any disruption in the power supply. NOTE: To prevent the line from being disrupted when you are replacing a low battery on an LAUL or LAUX, first connect the fresh battery to the spare 12 VDC connector, then remove the low battery. An indicator light is associated with each power input connector, indicating whether or not the battery connected to it is low (i.

Permanent high-resolution graphic display of the complete field electronics connected to the central control unit, including ancillary units and the shot point. The graphic display allows interactive graphic selection of the spread, and energy monitoring prior to and during the shot. • Easy to set up and update shotpoint planning. 0311400 1-5 1 1 Introduction The Central Control Unit • Preplanning In/Out capability: 408UL parameter script files can be saved to and/or loaded from an auxiliary computer.

1-7 1 1 Introduction The Central Control Unit CMXL The CMXL consists of a 408XL unit and PRM processing software. The major functions performed by a 408XL module include: • interfacing with the field electronics, • generating the Firing Order and sensing the Time Break, • seismic line management and control, • auxiliary line control, • collecting the data from the field electronics, • collecting system status data to be returned to the HCI. 10 BASE T BLASTER 1 10 BASE 2 SCSI BLASTER 2 RIGHT EXT FUSE LINE POWER TRANS 5 TRANS 4 TRANS 4 TRANS 2 TRANS 1 AUX LINE LEFT 408XL Rear panel 1-8 January 2003 Installation Manual The Central Control Unit PRM software can be installed on the HCI workstation or, for large capacities, on a separate station.

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