A Blind Eye: A Novel by G.M. Ford PDF

By G.M. Ford

ISBN-10: 0060853727

ISBN-13: 9780060853723

ISBN-10: 0380816229

ISBN-13: 9780380816224

Underneath the rotting floorboards of an deserted shed are human bones -- plenty of them -- the final issues a runaway rogue true-crime author and his photojournalist ex-lover anticipated to discover once they took protect from a vicious Wisconsin snow fall. The grisly nightmare Frank Corso and Meg Dougherty have exposed is not anything they could flip a blind eye to. The hideous slaughter of a relatives, undetected for fifteen years, has to be avenged, because the hunt for a killer contains Corso midway around the nation, and during a chilling heritage of violence, terror, and bloodshed. yet changing into an device of justice has made him a objective of a rage-driven maniac -- and it is resulting in ashocking fact hidden in an remoted position the place demise lives ... and the place no legislation protects the blameless.

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Real exotic looking. Like nobody you ever saw before. Like she could have been from the Middle East or Turkey or someplace like that. ” She caught herself rambling. “Anyway, Sissy Warwick shows up in town one day. Gets herself a room at Harrison’s. ” 56 G. M. F O R D Corso smiled. ” The sheriff lifted her eyebrows in resignation. “Maybe that was it. Maybe it was just a case of having two hens in the same barnyard,” she said. “You could be right. Lord knows . . ” She listened to an inner voice for a moment and then said, “Wasn’t just me, though.

When he tapped the brakes, the Ford surrendered the last of its traction and began to accelerate down the steep incline. ” Dougherty screamed as the hill pulled them faster and faster toward the wreck. Corso stood on the brakes, but the Ford was out of control now, gaining speed, turning a lazy circle before plowing headfirst into the wreck. Inside the Ford, Dougherty’s face was a mask of fear. The last image she processed was the bottom half of Corso’s face covered with blood. And then the Ford began to pinwheel along the undercarriage of the pickup truck, the scream of tearing metal filling the air, in the instant before they bounced over the guardrail and became airborne.

With the whole damn world watching on the six o’clock news, and my own deputy sheriff telling everybody this is just another example of me being out of touch with the community . . ” “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do,” Corso said. She cast him an annoyed look. “Hold the guilt, Mr. Corso. ” She paced across the room to the window and stood staring out into the parking lot. “Maybe my detractors are right,” she said after a moment. ” Something in her tone caught Corso’s ear. He frowned and levered himself higher in the bed.

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