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By Robert Sewell

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Pass judgement on Robert Sewell (1845-1925) was once a civil servant in colonial India. He did vast paintings at the heritage of the Vijayanagara Empire, relatively the autumn of Hampi, the empire's capital. He translated The Vijayanagar Empire as noticeable by means of Domingo Paes and Fernao Nuniz - defined as an eyewitness account of Portuguese visitors to India within the sixteenth century and record at the Vijayanagar Empire. His different works contain: Analytical heritage of India (1870), Eclipses of the Moon in India (1878), Antiquarian continues to be in Presidency of Madras (1882), A caricature of the Dynasties of S. India (1883), South Indian Chronological Tables (1889) and The Indian Calendar (with S. B. Dikshit) (1896).

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19] These horrors led of course to famine, and the miseries of the Hindus exceeded all power of description. On his return from Devagiri on one occasion he caused a tooth which he had lost to be interred in a magnificent stone mausoleum, which is still in existence at Bhir. But perhaps the best known of his inhuman eccentricities was his treatment of the inhabitants of the great city of Delhi. Muhammad determined to transfer his capital thence to Devagiri, whose name he changed to Doulatabad. The two places are six hundred miles apart.

War followed war, and from that period Northern India knew no rest. At the end of the thirteenth century the Muhammadans began to press southwards into the Dakhan. In 1293 Ala-ud-din Khilji, nephew of the king of Delhi, captured Devagiri. Four years later Gujarat was attacked. In 1303 the reduction of Warangal was attempted. In 1306 there was a fresh expedition to Devagiri. In 1309 Malik Kafur, the celebrated general, with an immense force swept into the Dakhan and captured Warangal. [6] Fresh fighting took place in 1312.

There was a check to this wave of foreign invasion -- a stop -- a halt -- then a solid wall of opposition; and for 250 years Southern India was saved. The check was caused by a combination of small Hindu states -- two of them already defeated, Warangal and Dvarasamudra -- defeated, and therefore in all probability not over-confident; the third, the tiny principality of Anegundi. The solid wall consisted of Anegundi grown into the great empire of the Vijayanagar. To the kings of this house all the nations of the south submitted.

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