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By Tim Leadbeater

Britain and India, 1845-1947 has been aimed particularly at scholars following the Edexcel necessities for this era at AS and A2. It charts the political, advertisement, and cultural courting among India and Britain in this time, detailing how this shifted a result of international wars. There also are chapters protecting the increase of nationalism in India and the trail to independence.

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This caused a problem for Congress. There was a growing tension between those who believed in peaceful, lawful methods – the moderates – and those who wanted more urgent, direct, even violent action – the radicals or extremists. This tension would come to a head at the 1907 Congress in Surat. Problems for the future Liberal government: December 1905 Key date However, the first national unrest since the mutiny was if anything more of a problem for Curzon, whose second term of office ended under a cloud.

One such consequence was the creation of an Arab state of Iraq. The British in India were dismayed by this whole-hearted support 50 | Britain and India 1845–1947 for nationalist demands. How could similar demands within India be denied? As a recognition of its sacrifice, but also perhaps in the new mood of nation-building, India was permitted its own representatives at the Imperial War Conference of 1917. This gave it a status comparable to the self-governing Dominions of the British Empire. The conference was called to discuss the shape of the eventual political settlement after the expected victory of the Allied powers.

Its resentment was ready to turn to resistance. Curzon would shortly provide a perfect cause in the bungled partition of Bengal. First, however, we must catch up with political developments in the Congress Party. Key question How did Congress move towards being a political party? Development of Congress to 1905 For many years after its foundation, Congress had remained what the name meant – a large meeting – which in its case was held every December in one of the Indian cities. Both Hindus and Muslims came to Congress and were prominent in its affairs.

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