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By Phillip M. Margolin

ISBN-10: 0553569082

ISBN-13: 9780553569087

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Deems interrupted in a bemused tone. "That's a fighting word. Now, a fight between the two of us might be interesting. Speed and youth against size and power. But I want to give you a word of advice, Bob. If you start a fight with me, you better be prepared to kill me. " Packard remembered Shoe's autopsy photographs. It was the medical examiner's opinion that Shoe's hands and feet had been removed with a chain saw while he was still alive. All the fight went out of Packard and he collapsed in his chair.

They all knew you'd win. Said it was a cake-walk. " "That's not how it works, Charlie," Packard said, trying to convince himself that this would be like any business discussion between two civilized and rational men. "The fee is nonrefundable and its not dependent on results. " "I remember," Deems answered with a shake of his head. "But you know, Bob, I'm thinking PR here. Your reputation is what brings in the clients. Am I right? And happy clients talk you up. That's free advertising. " Packard blanched.

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