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By David Langford

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The ebook bargains a step by step method of the duty of describing what's systematic in conversational behaviour. The booklet is organised as a chain of sensible routines, educating abilities reminiscent of transcribing verbal interplay and picking out and describing 'special events'. An research is made into how contributors express information of styles of speech constitution (eg taking turns and interrupting).

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Rather you will find the typical marks of non-fluency in speech - erms, ers pauses and the like intervening between the word the and the following word beginning with a consonant. So we find thee being used, not because the speaker knows there is an immediately following word that begins with a vowel, but rather because the speaker knows that there is an immediately following hitch in the flow of talk that the speaker may choose to fill with a sound, not a word, that begins with a vowel. The hypothesis as formulated is therefore not confirmed.

The first speaker's utterance is the first pair part and the second speaker's utterance is the second pair part. 3 (a) Discuss what things should be done as expected responses when someone produces: a request an accusation a compliment some bad news (b) some good news a joke a greeting a comment on the weather Construct an imaginary dialogue for each item. 4 Identify which speaker's turns in the following constructed dialogue are: (a) (b) (c) trying to get a response from the other person or actually providing a response or both trying to get a response and to provide one.

That's part of it,' 1 said. ' said Betty. 'She wanted some legal advice,' 1 said. ' said Betty. 'The toilet seat, 1 guess,' 1 said, 'although I'm not sure. ' 'Oh, God,' said Betty. ' 1 said. 'I feel so sorry for her,' said Betty. 'Don't feel too sorry for her,' 1 said . 'It's curable. ' (Nora Ephron, Heartburn (Pan Books, 1986) pp. 8 Now compare your rev ised text with the transcribed extract from the film version of the book (see page 56). In the film the conversa- 40 Transcribing the organisation of talk tion is face to face and takes place during a chance encounter in a supermarket.

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